Hello, world!

I am a learning experience designer who also leads UpstartED, an education nonprofit empowering the next generation of youth to become social innovators who leverage tech for good.


I like to say that I am still in learning mode when it comes to my craft as a learning designer, and to my full time job as CEO of a bootstrapped social enterprise. I doubt I will ever not be in learning mode. Given the pace of technological change and the disruption experienced by every single industry on this planet, I know my learning journey is merely at the beginning.

I am a creative at heart and am fascinated by all things design, technology, creativity and learning. This blog serves as an intellectual sandbox where I explore new ideas, insights, failures, and inspirations related to all these topics.

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- Diana

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Frequently asked Qs

What is UpstartED?

You will notice that a lot of my blog posts are written in the context of UpstartED, my education nonprofit. The mission of UpstartED is to empower young people to become social innovators who leverage tech for good and take the future by storm. This social startup is, hands down, the most challenging and exciting learning opportunity I have yet to experience.

Are you an expert on...?

Let me stop you right there. Life is a process of trial and error, and even experts have knowledge gaps. This blog is an intellectual sandbox for a reason: it is a space for exploration and growth. I most certainly do not know everything there is to know on the topics I write about, that is why I put my reflections out into the world: I hope to learn from you.

What is that accent in your name?

The hat above the last "a" in my family name (which I have conveniently turned into a smiley face) is a letter in the Romanian language, also knowns as A-breve. In the Romanian language, "barangă" translates to "alpha wolf" or "leader of the pack". Not too shabby for a last name.

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